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April 24th, 2013, 03:16 PM
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3 boys and now a girl.
I felt exhausted and nauseous in the first trimester. Never threw up, but I hardly even felt sick with the boys. I feel like I have had a lot of break outs on my face this time, which is just finally going away, that's been annoying! I am gaining weight quickly, as I did with the last two, but this time putting it on in the face. grrr. After the first trimester ickies I would say overall this pregnancy is going better. I don't have terrible heartburn or sciatic pain which I've become accustomed to during pregnancy....maybe it's still too early? And the last two pregnancies I had a cold turn into bronchitis which lead to asthmatic issues with nonstop coughing, Dr appts, meds etc. So, so far feeling uglier but feeling a lot better physically.

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