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April 24th, 2013, 04:39 PM
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Before you play the victim saying you didn't want this to turn into a debate; maybe you should have thought before posting such a heated topic that you very well knew would offend a VERY LARGE group of people, myself included.

" The Bible says what it says. We can choose to twist it, ignore it, say it doesn't mean that, that it no longer applies... whatever. God is the same, today, as He has always been. He does not change his mind. "

So from reading the quote above I would ASSUME that you haven't taken advantage of any of the changes religion has taken in the past few hundred or even thousands of years? (Sarcasm here.) Religion has constantly changed to suit the needs of the times, as well as evolved as people learn more. And if you can't admit that you are in complete denial, as well as a liar.

Here are a few examples of things in the Bible that were once considered SINS:

-Wearing cotton or polyester blends
-Eating any seafood that didn't have scales or fins ( You don't eat lobster or shrimp do you??)
-Associating with women on their periods (Do you keep your husband and family separate from you while you are menstruating?)
-Shaving (Hope your husband likes you hairy )
-Eating pork
-Fortune tellings
-Rounded haircuts (and beards)
-Wearing gold
-Pulling out. Yup, it's a sin to pull out.. lol!
-Oh and one of my personal favorites.. A child should be put to death if they curse their parents. (Yikes, I sure hope your children are well behaved!)

Those are just a few of many, many, MANY things the bible doesn't condone that clearly people don't follow today. And for good reason. As we have learned more, we change our views. This does not mean it is wrong to have religion, and in fact I believe it can be a great thing. But to say that it has never changed and you strictly follow the bible is clearly a load of crap. So would you say that everything I listed still applies? From your own words, it should. But I highly doubt you believe that. If you have a problem with being homosexual, fine so be it. But don't say it's because you follow the Bible's word.. Because clearly you (and a whole bunch of others) have picked and chosen to leave things out when they see fit. Why ban homosexuality when a few verses down it bans wearing cotton? Absolutely crackers! As a good friend of mine would say.

As for it being taught in public schools? It is a fact of life. And not yours, or anybody else's religions can, or ever will dictate what is taught in our schools (Thank goodness!) Why should a school teach that homosexuality is a "sin"? The whole IDEA of sin is a religious topic that needs to be left at home. It may be hard for you to believe, but not everybody believes in the concept of sin, because that is all it is.. A concept.

I know that I will never be able to change the mind of someone like you.. But I just had to speak up. Because I feel personally insulted and outraged by this entire topic.

Would it be okay for me to say "It's okay for my kids to go to school with black kids and be friendly to them, as long as the school doesn't teach them that it's OKAY to be black or to teach about anyone who is black." How ridiculous would that sound?? To you, it might be two totally different things. But to me it is the SAME discrimination, and just as equally offensive and hurtful.

And by the way, it is scientifically proven now that being gay isn't a choice, just saying.