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April 24th, 2013, 04:45 PM
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i confess that i have NO patience anymore. OmG the littlest things are setting me off. I'm pretty much swearing at someone or something all day long. My DS is starting the toddler phase and he's up, he's down, he wants a book, he doesnt want a book, etc. He can't make up his mind! lol. and dh...for the love of God. i'm about to strangle him. he hardly ever helps out around the house so when i complain about it he goes 'just ask me to do something and i'll do it' okayyyy last night i ask him to do the dishes 'yep ill do it tonight' (he's up all night due to overnight schedule) dishes were still in the sink in the morning...what did he do all night? play video games. ugh!!!!!
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