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April 24th, 2013, 04:49 PM
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AltMommy, I honestly just wanted to know what is going on in schools so I can make an informed decision. I am sorry I have offended you. However, I stand by what I have said. I tried to stay away from debating it, but when someone asks a genuine question, I answer it. Even with KMH, I PM'd her an answer and then posted it.

As I said above, there is a difference between ceremonial and moral laws. You have mixed the two of them up in that list. I follow the moral laws (although I am not perfect, and if I mess up, I repent). The ceremonial laws were done away with when Jesus died on the cross. I hope that clarifies. So many people make these arguments without truly studying the Bible.

One thing that I just don't get... how the people who are gay that know me have no problem with what I believe. Why do you, when you don't even know me? I am kind to and get along with everyone I know. I wish some of you could meet me and you would see. I am not a person who hates. I do not mistreat anyone. All I do is follow God.

On the flip side of the argument you made about what is taught in school... those with the religious beliefs should not have it forced down their children's throats, either. This is why it should not be taught at school from any viewpoint.

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I was reading this thread on my lunch at school and was mentally "liking" people's comments!

all I know is, I am pro marriage equality and think society should work on improving all marriage and have people going into it willing to work on it. I think divorce is a bigger problem than gay marriage!

Jinnah, I hope that you are making the right decision to homeschool ... And I'm sure there's more behind your decision than sex ed. As a teacher though, I do think it's good to be in a diverse environment and get to know many different people.

Love ya, Leanna!
I do have more reasons for homeschooling. Divorce is definitely a HUGE problem. The Bible states when divorce is allowed and that is ignored, also.

We do have a diverse environment and know many different people, including gay people, and they like us, religious view and all!

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