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April 24th, 2013, 05:19 PM
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I think this is one of those topics that people will have to agree to disagree with. Just as strongly as you feel that homosexuality is a sin, I feel it is not. You'll never ever ever change my mind or even remotely make me see it your way, and I'll never change your mind either. We're lucky enough to live in a free country. If my child turns out gay, it will be OK because we are in the United States of America, where people can be who they are and believe what they believe, gotta love that... Right?

My BIL has similar beliefs as you, Desiree. There are just certain topics that are better left in talked about. One time we got into it about people excepting Jesus Christ as their lord and savior and heaven and Hell, my husband and I argued our very logic (IMO) points and the only thing his brother took from it was "we don't believe in God" :smackhead: NOT TRUE at all, but that all he heard. Point being, lets drop it because no one is going to change anyone's mind.

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