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April 24th, 2013, 05:29 PM
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We're in the middle of potty training Nate. He was doing well and then just stopped. It went down hill completely. He wouldn't use the potty, would lie to us about being wet, etc. We've been reading books, anything we can find about potty training and we've tried it but nothing is working. Monday, I put him in big boy underwear because I was home with him all day and we wanted to start new. He didn't pee in the underwear once but we had a few skid marks in the underwear which is kind of normal for little kids, I get. Tuesday I drop Nate off at my Mom & Sister's because she watches him while I work. I told her that he had no accidents on Monday and that he needs to go to the potty every 30 mins to an hour. I expected her to help out and follow my rules. I pick Nate up and she tells me he went to the potty 3 times. I'm thinking, okay he only pee'd on the potty 3 times and that's okay. She says "No, he only pee'd once. He only went to the potty 3 times." W T H?! I asked her Why and her response was "We were outside playing and she didn't want to lug 3 kids up 2 flights of stairs (3rd floor of apt.) and she had to make lunch. Really? Because it looked like Facebook had your attention all day. She's lazy and I know I shouldn't expect her to do anything with Nate since she doesn't do anything with her own 2 kids. She has a 5 year old and a 3 year old both in DIAPERS!

The grandparents don't help either. DH's Step Dad will buy Nate anything! He caves into him and will take him to the toy store and buy him pretty much whatever he wants. He needs to stop. DH's Dad does the same thing.

Fast forward to today - Nate was doing well with the potty, still wouldn't poop. He did later on and I didn't know. I told him to go up to the potty and pee. He comes down with no pants on (normal for him) and I'm seeing something on his leg. He pooped, sat down upstairs trying to put his pants on and wiped poop all on my carpet. He then stepped in it and just smeared it all in. It was all over his legs, hands, clothes, carpet, etc. I took his iPad away, video games away, no toys to be bought, no sweets (ice cream, etc.) and we were planning on taking him to a carnival on Saturday but that's not happening either.

Here's a question though: My sister always gets her kids and Nate a slurpee at 7-11 pretty much everyday (yeah, she's THAT kind of person) and then they get ice cream every afternoon around 4 from the ice cream truck. How do I tell her Nate is not to get any (due to the rules I'm doing now) while her kids are allowed to get them and I know she would hide it from me anyways. WWYD?
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