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April 24th, 2013, 06:40 PM
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I never gave DS1 the jarred meat foods because he hated them. Once he was about 10mths he got some meat from our plates.

I've always been told to start with Veggies first because Fruits are sweeter and once they taste the sweetness they might not want to eat the veggies. I didn't remember this when I started DS1 and we fed him fruits first. He wouldn't eat his veggies except sweet potatoes. I ended up mixing half veggies half fruit and he'd eat it that way.

Most everyone anymore says to start solids around 6mths. I've never heard of starting one at 5mths and the other at 6mths. I never have asked their Dr about when to start baby food, which to use first, ect. I do recall him telling me for DS1 I could start trying to feed him around 4.5mths if I wanted. I listen to their Dr. and the WIC office but in the end I do what I feel my kiddos are ready for and what we're comfortable with regardless of if it's within the 'guidlines'.

A couple that DH and I are friends with had a little boy 5 days before Marshall. We seen them about 2wks ago and he was already eating 8oz WITH added cereal every 3-4hrs Then a week after we seen them they said they started him on baby food as well!

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