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April 24th, 2013, 06:53 PM
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Your favorite dessert
Your favorite meal to eat

Pic of your favorite outfit
Pic of your outfit for a night out
Pic of TTC stash

My favorite dessert is Frozen Yogurt! I love that stuff and I go every Friday to a self serve one and get mine lol

My favorite meal to eat is a hard one! I LOVE pizza! But I would have to say really anything Italian. There is a place here call spaghetti warehouse that I love to eat at but we never go cause DH and DS don't like it lol

My fav outfit to wear is what I wear around the house yoga pants and a tank top! I"m right about to leave and still in my work clothes or else I would take a pic with them on me But here are my pants and my cats tail (sorry they are bad looking but I've had them for YEARS)

Oh how I wish I did night outs but I dont Our son has REALLY bad anxiety that we are working with a doc on and so that means my husband and I or just me can't go out. It has to do from last year with all of my medical problems I went through with the surrogacy and having to leave him. BUT I would wear some cute skinny jeans a top that shoes off the girls and some high heals! (it's what I wore when I use to go out lol)

My TTC stash I have lots of OPKs can you tell???

My Ovulation Chart
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