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April 24th, 2013, 08:11 PM
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Planned. We had a miscarriage back in August (unplanned baby). I tried the whole next cycle to get the hubby to agree to try, but he refused. So I gave up, figured waiting a bit longer would probably be a good idea. In November, he randomly brought it up again with the stipulation that I had to get my tubes tied. I was like, "oooookay.....?" He's never brought up having kids. It's always me and months of convincing. It didn't happen in November and I'm not entirely sure I even ovulated that month. In December I had influenza a, a week of vertigo, and then a sinus infection. It didn't happen that month either. January was golden! I'm glad too because I've always wanted an October baby, it's my favorite month. After I found out I was pregnant, the hubby said he wouldn't make me get my tubes tied since he refuses to get the big V. If he won't, then I shouldn't have too. He's also talked about "the next" baby. I'm so confused by that guy. After every kid he's said no more. Then it was no more than 3, then 7. Now we're almost to 7 and there's a next?

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