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April 24th, 2013, 08:29 PM
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If money/space/maternal age/etc.. were no issue and you could have as many children as you wanted, how many would you choose?
When we first got married I said I wanted 8-10+ (though to be honest DH has never wanted that many)! Now things have changed, mostly realizing my personality was just not cut out for that; for starters I'm an introvert, and physically/emotionally I don't handle my babies close in age very well. #3 is on the way now, and we are planning at least one more, but we may very well be done after 4. 6 is the most we would want, but we'll take it one baby at a time.

Do you feel that the number of siblings you had growing up influences that?
I'm one of 5 (which I loved!), and DH is the oldest of 11. That has definitely played into out "ideal" number. We want a "large" family, as we like the dynamic that provides for the children. But it has also influenced our desire against a *huge* family. I'm not opposed to other people having tons of kids. If it works for them, great! I just really want to be able to move beyond the baby phase of life and embrace the next season *with* my older kids, as a whole family. Which is something DH's mom never got to do (there is a 20 year age span between him and the youngest!).

Have you ever considered adoption?
Yes and no. I love the idea of providing a child with a loving home, but it's not something DH has felt called to, and I go back and forth as to whether I could handle it or not. At this point I don't see it fitting into our family, but I highly respect those who do! (we have a lot of adoptive and foster families in our church)

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