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April 24th, 2013, 11:00 PM
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So I am having a ton of pain... like all the time pain. I'm achy at best and at my worst, well... I'm nearly in tears. I've been having an issue with the right side of my lower back that goes from by back, into my hip and down my leg a little bit. I know quite a few of you ladies have mentioned that you've been experiencing some sciatica which I've never had before and I'm not sure if this is that (if that makes sense). The pain is so bad I can't get comfortable to go to sleep and I've even had to miss a couple of shifts at work because I literally cannot stand up straight.

There is therapeutic massage clinic in my area that has gotten great reviews and one of their specialties is prenatal massage. I've asked my husband SO many times to rub my back for me because it hurts but he does it for like 5 minutes and then gives up (kind of makes me want to punch him.. hard.. but I'm too nice of a wife to do that )

So my question is this.. have any of you ladies ever gotten a prenatal massage for your pregnancy ailments and did it work?

Thanks in advance for your feedback
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