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April 24th, 2013, 11:08 PM
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I did the Shred In August right before I got pregnant! I only lost about 6lbs, but I was much more toned, and had huge endurance compared to before... and now!

Today was SO incredibly productive! Woke up bright and early, drove an hour for an appointment with a different midwife (shares call with mine, so she may very well be the one delivering my baby) DH came along! (he's REALLY uncomfortable in that setting! He really wants nothing to do with the birth!) Then we went to have our taxes done, he got a decent return, I got a small return (I also haven't been employed for a full year now!) but turns out last year I owed CRA about $250 that no one told me about, so with interest it ate up about half my return! I was a little annoyed because I paid to have the 'expert' do my taxes, and they never said anything, and I NEVER recieved anything in the mail from CRA.... either way I paid what was owed and left it at that!
Then we went to sears to look at washers and dryers. I really wanted a specific model, but stumbled across a sale on floor models of a different (also decent brand) that had similar features, & pedestals for free! After an extended warranty, and tax etc, it came to within $30 of what I had budgeted for pre tax, pre fee set with no pedestals! I'm really excited, we get them tomorrow!

Then we went to Wal Mart, and picked up the only glider they had there... it was the cheapest available online anyways, not the most comfortable thing in the world, but it really was just a get it and hopefully use it once in a while purchase!

Wow that's a bit of a novel, but I had a super busy day and I'm ready for bed about an hour ago!

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