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April 25th, 2013, 06:36 AM
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Good morning!

Well I was cramping alot so I went to see my doctor on Tuesday just in case. There was no u/s done but a pelvic exam and everything felt fine. She did some lab work and here are the reults:

HCG- 2047
progesterone- 10.8

The progesterone levels are a lil low which explains the cramping (but no bleeding) so I am on supplements now. I will go and get it rechecked in a week and get my hcg level checked again today! I did this problem with my youngest... my levels was at 9 (7 weeks pregnant) but didnt do anything about it nad still had her but I did cramp the whole time with her. I will also go back to my dr on Monday so hopefully everything will all go well.

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