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April 25th, 2013, 06:59 AM
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8weeks 3days

Ok, so sorry I haven't been updating lately---I have been super lazy and really not in the mood to do anything but sleep.

So here we go!

So on April 16th I had my first US appt and it was really overwhelming. Seeing that little baby on the screen made me cry! Also, the tech said I was measuring at 7w2d at that point (yay one day ahead!). I did get pics, but they don't show much, and I can't get a good pic to show here anyway. I did get to see the heartbeat, I believe it was at 136bpm yay!!!

I wanted to do a tally on all the things I was told I would feel or see that I do NOT feel or see (these are just things I have heard over the years)

*My nipples aren't really getting much darker
*I can't feel my uterus at this point (I'm not shocked but anyway...)
*I'm not all that emotional
*I don't get hot flashes (actually I'm really cold most of the time)
So that's all I can think of at this stage....I'm sure I will say more once I get farther along.

So let's do a run-down of symptoms:

*My most prominent symptom right now is smells. EVERYthing smells. Ugg, I hate it.
*Next would be food cravings and aversions. My suggestion is if you have a craving, buy just a little bit of it when you go grocery shopping, because chances are you will not like that food the next day. It's actually really confusing---I was all about bagels 2 weeks ago, now I could really care less, in fact I don't want anything to do with bagels. I'm about pancakes and chicken nuggets with bbq sauce lately, and yesterday I was all about watermelon. And crunchy tacos from Taco Bell (omg yummy). The aversions part is really strange: I haven't minded artificial sugar, I actually preferred it over real sugar (only stevia stuff, like Truvia), but now if I have anything with artificial sugar in it, it tastes like I have a mouthfull of SweetNLow (geeeross!!!!). So sugar-free stuff (all of it) is definitely out.
*The nausea has been curbing a bit, but I still feel it often. Lots of dry heaving.
*Vomiting. I have thrown up a total of 2 times. Once when I drank a whole ton of orange juice (oh yeah I don't like orange juice anymore) and the second time was when I ate an Arby's marketfresh sandwich.
*If I stand for a long period, I find myself wanting to really sit down and rest. I get kind of dizzy and lightheaded, and a general feeling of laziness that I just can't help sitting down.
*I know I haven't really been emotional, but I have been really irritable. Every little thing irritates me at work; all the little noises people make, it's grating on my nerves.
*I have been nesting a little, but I get really tired.
*Round ligament pain. So, by all accounts, I should not be feeling this right now, but a couple times, I have gotten really sharp pains near my pelvic area that last only a few seconds. Someone else asked on my DDC and they said it was the ligaments stretching and pulling like ropes. Hmm, makes sense. Along with that, cramping. Not painful, unbearable cramping, but it's uncomfortable. According to some websites I've seen, at this point my uterus is slowly getting bigger than a grapefruit and getting closer to the size of a cantaloupe (whaaaaat.....that's nuts!)
*Pregnancy brain: yes, this does exist. There are times when I feel a little....nutty. I'll forget things, or not hear something correctly and ask to hear it three or four times over, I stumble over my words a lot, and just an all over listlessness. It's really strange being this out of touch.
*Other things: bloating (not much), I'm thirsty, my fingernails look awesome.

So that's a run down of what's going on right now! I gotta run! And I'm hungry....

I love you Newt

I forgot something in symptoms!

*My boobs!!! They are super sensitive and are getting much larger, and they ache when I press on them, and sometimes just on their own. I think I've gone up a cup size. I really hate it when my husband goes anywhere near my bbs right now, I don't want anyone to touch them. It's really lovely when my cats wake me up by walking on them (you are going out the window, cat!)

Happy April Fools Day on me!!! @ 17DPO

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