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April 25th, 2013, 07:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Miss-Melissa-Sue View Post
I hope it goes away soon for you!
Thank you.

Originally Posted by *~ Joni ~* View Post
You've probably tried everything but Gatorade helped me a ton. I could barely sit up these last couple weeks and I started drinking Gatorade yesterday and I was up all day today with no problem. Plain water just seemed to be making things worse, yet I couldn't stomach anything sugary. Then i think i got dehydrated which makes nausea worse. If you're the same, Gatorade is perfect. GL!
Actually I haven't tried anything, except eating.

I think I have enough liquids, but it's hard to tell. I don't feel overly thirsty.
Thank you.

Originally Posted by CherryLimeade View Post
I am just now getting over my peak (my m/s starts early, peaks early, ends early. no idea why lol!) But just letting you know that i feel your misery!!

I second drinking a sports drink. I've been having lemon lime powerade.
Thank you. I appreciate it

Originally Posted by Vick2009 View Post
After a few days of terrible m/s...I googled and googled nuthin worked. I was exhausted so I looked up unisom too see if it would hurt the baby....guess what I find out,when taken with b6, it's a remedy for m/s. I took it that night, slept like a champ, woke up felt great this morning. Asked my midwife and she says oh yeah go ahead and take it! So ask ur ob and see what the say. It's a miracle IMO.
Well, that's interesting. Since Unisom is s sleep aid, isn't it?

If it gets worse, I'll ask at my next appointment.

Originally Posted by *~ Joni ~* View Post
^ My midwife suggested unisom yesterday but I didn't bother getting it since I don't have trouble sleeping (though I'm up at 3 am now...) maybe ill get some if the morning sickness flares back up
If you do, post up if it helps?

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