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April 25th, 2013, 08:38 AM
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My angel dd is June 16 (fathers day) n its been on my mind a lot lately. I got pregnant pretty soon after my miscarriage but it still hurts that my lil one is not here with me. I feel guilty sometimes cause I'm happy to have this one but I still want the one I lost (I hope that sounds how it should) I want both put it that way but I know that if my angel would have been here I wouldnt have this one, And I feel guilty about having one n not the other. I hope I sound sane, cause my thoughts are all over the place. I wish I could go to the Long Island Medium (Teresa) I seen her help a woman in the same position. I feel like I will never have closure. Sometimes I think its harder when u loose a child n you never got to see its face, or have any memories, or to even know if its a boy or girl so your child can be named. Dh has been very supportive though, cause I been a lil crazy lately the slightest pain in I'm freaking out n he calms me down. good thing our lil man is very active cause when I start to worry he gives me a kick like calm down crazy woman, I'm fine. nothing like going through what I went through to make u appreciate those lil kicks n hearts beats all the more.

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