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April 25th, 2013, 10:17 AM
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If money/space/maternal age/etc.. were no issue and you could have as many children as you wanted, how many would you choose?
I think two. Three at the most.

Do you feel that the number of siblings you had growing up influences that?
Well, I grew up in such an odd way with my siblings, it is hard to say. I only grew up with one of them. He is autistic, so it did make things different than your typical sibling relationship. My oldest brother we very rarely saw; I've met him maybe four times in my life. My younger sister was very much forced on me whenever we were around each other which was a big bone of contention. So, I don't know? If any, my brother I grew up with probably did.

Have you ever considered adoption?
Considered, sure. Seriously considered, no. I think it is a great thing, but I don't know if it is something I could handle emotionally.

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