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April 25th, 2013, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by DaniM0820 View Post
I've been meaning to ask you--how many hours are you away from jack and how much does he eat while you're gone (normally, not with his growth spurt ). Also, how many oz are you able to pump while at work?
I nurse Jack at 7:30 each morning, after which I leave for the day. I'm back home around 5:30. So I guess around 9 1/2 hours, sometimes closer to 10 hours.

He tends to be hungrier in the afternoon than in the morning. So he will take a couple of 4-ounce bottles in the morning and a couple of 5-ounce bottles in the afternoon. He also takes solids mid-morning and mid-afternoon. When I get home at 5:30, DH has usually been holding him off from wanting to eat again. He nurses ravenously at that time.

On a typical day while I'm away, he'll take 16-20 ounces of breast milk, 4 ounces of purees, and 1/8 cup of oatmeal.

I pump first thing in the morning, and I usually stop after I've pumped 4-5 ounces. I want to make sure he has plenty to eat before I leave. I also pump three times at work. I get 4-6 ounces per session. Since Jackson typically doesn't eat more than 20 ounces while I'm away, I do fine with that amount. However, sometimes my supply is wonky and I have to add a pumping session in the evening to make sure I have enough for the next day. I have around 120 ounces in the freezer too. I pump at least once per day on Saturday and Sunday as well, usually first thing in the morning if at no other time.

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