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April 25th, 2013, 11:11 AM
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Oh my goodness! You should have seen the day I had yesterday!

Drove and hour to my midwife appointment, where dh and I met the 'other' midwife who shares call with my primary care midwife! This is only the second appointment DH has been to, he's really uncomfortable with the idea of birth, etc, although he completely respects our midwives, he's just super anxious about delivery day.

Then we went and had our taxes done! Dh got an OK return (already have plans for all that money ) and I also got a small return, but turns out last year I owed money, and no one, not the accountant, nor Canada Revenue Agency bothered to tell me about... so I had to pay close to $300 with interest. which ate up about half of my return, so we just used the rest to pay for filing our taxes and took a hundred or so for lunch and a trip to the store!

Next we went to Sears and looked at Washers and Dryers! I had a specific brand in mind but when we walked in they were selling a different (but still well reviewed brand's) floor model for something like $800 less than what we were hoping to pay, with pedestals included!!!!! So we decided to get those instead (comparable features to the other machines as well!) When all was said and done, including the pedestals, extended warranty, and all taxes and fees we came out at what I had budgeted for the 'pre-extras' cost!!! I call that a good day!

Next we went to Wally World, and picked up the 1 and only gliding rocking chair they carried. I had been himming and hawing over whether or not I wanted it, but in the end decided we had the space, and it's something I didn't want to regret not having. It was also the cheapest one available so that worked out. I also printed some pictures from my ultrasounds (I never got a disc, just the flimsy paper print outs from fetal assessment) Let me tell you, those stinking photo kiosks, HAVE to be the most annoying machines on the planet. I vow from this day forward print photos over the internet and not from Walmart!!! (I needed to do this in store though because I was scanning them!)

After all this, we came home, put together the glider, which shockingly matches fairly well! and then went over for 'drinks' at one of my husband's co worker's place! We don't really have many friends down here, so it was really nice to get together with other people!

All in all, I'm so happy we got all those things done! Now today my goal is to get off my plump behind and get this house back in order!

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