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April 25th, 2013, 11:18 AM
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I'm sorry she didn't enjoy the class as much. Does she want to go to the next class? I agree it might be because she's the newest. Do they have somewhere parents can watch? If she might consider trying another one, it might help with you watching. My DH is the same as yours...I've started texting him plans and such while he's at work so I have a written record its helped him to realize I wasn't making everything up and he defers to me a lot assuming he forgot!

I took pictures and measurements on April 1...I'll take pictures and measurements on May 1, and show you and you guys decide! I've only lost 3lbs, but I've plateaued for almost 6 weeks, so didn't lose anything until more than halfway through the month. My clothes fit a bit differently too. And my endurance has improved significantly. I say it was totally worth it!!! Hopefully the pictures don't lie!

Yay for a new washer and dryer!!!! I want new ones, but don't need them. I want a front loader, so when we replace what we have, I plan to get a front loader. I wish we had a glider. I have an old school rocking chair and it sucks at 3am.

Thunderstorms this afternoon apparently! Can't wait!
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