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April 25th, 2013, 12:11 PM
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Yay to your kids sleeping Emily! I love when that happens!

Tax returns are so bittersweet. Yeah you get some money, but it was your money in the first place and it always comes when you need it so the "extra" money is not so extra anymore. Sucks. Yay to a new washer and dryer! I call that a good day too to save that much money! Is it the brownish glider? I got mine from there too when I was pregnant. I still use that chair now. Sounds like you had a BUSY day! I hope you had a good dinner to make up for all those errands!

I slept "ok" Drake slept really good. I had cramps like crazy, my back was killing me and I was hot. I always get so hot when I sleep. I cannot stand that!

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