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April 25th, 2013, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by HorseGal View Post
My least favorite is the sudden dizzy/sick feeling i get and I agree with the being tired!

My favorite is the movie star rack I got going on right now lol. I feel like I'm a star in slow motion on 90210 when I'm running somewhere LOL!!!
I thought that was done on Baywatch.

Originally Posted by Kivett12 View Post
My least favorite right now would be tired and boobs that feel like boulders! My DH on the other hand loves this symptom. I am still pretty early and loving that no m/s has kicked in, but with DS it hit exactly 6 wks to the day. I'm hoping to experience a different pg this time around like I've heard others talking about. The other least fav is the smells. This always got me with my 1st pg too. Cologne, deodorant, perfume, shampoo/conditioner, you name it they all STINK!!
My guy loves the boob thing too, but it kills when he squeezes them.

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