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April 25th, 2013, 02:14 PM
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So far out of 24 weeks i havent had any bleeding or spotting whatsoever. Not even when my progesterone was low early on and i had to supplement. Tuesday night after work, i saw some bright pink spotting when I wiped. No cramping, but baby not moving like normal, still a kick here and there, but not the same. I called the hospital, and decided to rest and watch. If it got worse, i would go in to be checked.
Wednesday i wake up and had no bleeding. Went in to work as normal, then started bleeding again. This time a darker reddish brown. Had about 3-4 quarter sized dots on the pad during the day. Feeling a lot of back and vaginal pressure so I called for an apointment. The doctor Ordered bedrest after i got off of work, and apt first thing in the morning. Baby moving, but not as active as she normally is. I checked her heartrate at work and it was good (135-147).

Came home and ate, showered, then rested. Dh told his mom, and I told my parents. Lets just say they were both worried, but praying and hoping for the best. Lets just say it was a very scary time for me and dh.

Apt today went well. Dh's boss let him off of work to come to the apt (no vacation used) a big deal for us. I was checked, cervix completly closed and no sign at all of any bleeding. She said if i start bleeding again to come in right away. Even if it is at 2am. No sign of a uti, no sign of any infection. Baby moving a lot more and heartbeat strong at 153-145. Basically the doctor said everything looked like it resolved on its own.
Still taking it easy today and tom, just to be extra safe. Dh seems to be a lot more relaxed too. He didnt say much, but i know he was scared too. The next time i work is tuesday, so i have a good bit of time to rest. Oh, and the #1question everyone asks no me and dh did not do anything for at least 3 days b4 the spotting started, and not since, so spotting not related to that.

I have my regular apt next week for my diabetes test, and a us scheduled just to be extra safe. Gery thankful that everything is looking normal considering how worried we have been.
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