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April 25th, 2013, 02:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Jules_loves_beaches View Post
I am jealous of your supply! I have to pump 4x at work to just get 8-10 oz. total for all 4 of those sessions. I get 2-4 oz per session. I'm working on my supply still though and I actually got 12 oz yesterday.
Sorry you're still having some issues with supply. It's rough trying to keep up while pumping at work. I feel so down on myself because I have a hard time keeping up with Jackson's demand. The only reason I have a decent supply in my freezer is because they weren't feeding him enough at daycare. Well, I'm also making a really good effort to pump on the weekends and just put that in the freezer right away. It's pretty exhausting though. As much as I've loved breastfeeding Jack, it will be a relief not to pump anymore... and not to stress about not pumping enough.

Originally Posted by Jules_loves_beaches View Post
It sounds like you have a good routine going for the morning with pumping and feeding. What time are you getting up so you can pump, shower and get ready, and nurse Jackson?
The routine is so much easier now that SIL is watching Jack. It was rough when I had to pump, get ready, take care of Jack, and get him ready for daycare every day. As it stands now, Jack wakes up between 5 and 6 most mornings. As soon as he wakes up, I take him downstairs to play while I pump. SIL starts watching him at 6:30, and that's when I get ready for work. At 7:30, I nurse him and try to get him to nap. That depends on exactly when he woke up and how many times he woke during the night. In the crazy event that he sleeps until 6:30 (which has happened twice in these three weeks), I just skip pumping in the morning. I'm very "full" by the time I get to work though!

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