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April 25th, 2013, 04:00 PM
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Im not a homophobe. LOL! I dont fear gay people. I hav met a few and they are kind. I dont hate them either. Thats terrible to say. I never said that AT ALL!!! I am just saying that I dont want my child exposed to that in a public school setting and for them to say its ok or whatever. Its not my religious beliefs and I stand for what I believe in.

We have different one is the same. Just chill on the posts and be nicer for the sake of the few ladies we have left. I hate to see more leave.

Who said they or I am a homophobe?

I didnt.....dont be accusing!

I treat everyone equal.

*Got my BFP on March 20!!! Woohoo!! Due late Nov. *Thanksgiving baby*