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April 25th, 2013, 04:04 PM
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Thank you ladies. I welcome the prayers, just because I'm not religious doesn't mean I don't respect them. I believe in God n prayer but that is far as it goes with me but I wanna thank u for all the kind words.

@momma2chase after I had my miscarriage I asked Dh about that. Do you think they can come back to us. We strongly believed it was a boy n to turn around n get pregnant again with one made us think about it. I soon decided that, that baby is gone n I was trying to grab on to anything that brought ne comfort.

On people brushing off miscarriages: I seen it too many times and I hate when they say u will have another n u will be fine like that takes away the pain of loosing a child. And I hate the fact the when u have a miscarriage the Dr just send u home to deal with the clean up. That traumatized me. I cried everyday seeing what I had to see (natural). I think there should be a better way to handle it.

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