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April 25th, 2013, 04:12 PM
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SO I think I might have mentioned this in someone else post but I guess I did not officially update yall. So I told you guys I went back to work... I told you guys I was able to miss going to the dr this week for the first time since 6 weeks. Well I have soo much free time to post probably waaay to much because I went into preterm labor on Tuesday night. 23 weeks.
They kept me overnight stopping contractions bolus of fluids magnesium and terbutaline, I came home on Wednesday morning, back on bedrest (unpaid), with pills (really for blood pressure which I do not have but they said it also helps with contraction) to stop contractions in addition to my weekly 17p (progesterone shots)! Bahumbug!

But me and Jessiah are trying to behave so she can cook a little longer. not quite ready to take my little cupcake out of the oven :-)

ironically all contractions have not completely stopped but they are not as intense, however I think the steroids they gave this chic gave her super human powers cause she is kicking the piss out of me... literallly

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