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April 25th, 2013, 05:14 PM
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8 months & 16 days old

I had an appointment with my doctor today to finally discuss my De Quervain's tenosynovitis (a.k.a. mommy thumb, a.k.a. tendonitis in my wrist/thumb). I can't remember what I've posted here, but it started in my right wrist probably around 2 1/2 or 3 months postpartum. I didn't think much of it until someone mentioned the condition to me. Then I looked it up and found that I had all the symptoms. New mothers often get a touch of it. While it hurt, it was manageable. So I just tried to pick up Jackson differently and not do the things that agitated it.

I think I overcompensated, though, because I started getting the same pain in my left wrist about five or six weeks ago. And, sadly, it is WAY worse than the right wrist. I wake up several times every night in pain because I move it a wrong way. It gets so stiff at night so the slightest movement really hurts. It makes nighttime feedings incredibly difficult. It's one of the reasons that Jackson ends up in bed with me after his first wake-up in his crib. I just can't lift him at night. It's much easier to adjust him in the bed to nurse him. When I wake up in the morning, it is so swollen/stiff that I can't straighten my fingers or close my hand without pain shooting up my entire forearm. This morning, I couldn't even put my PJ top or bottoms on. If I give it five minutes and slowly start moving it, it loosens up enough to get going.

It's manageable during the day, but it constantly hurts. Even gently running my finger across the inside of my wrist on either arm hurts. There are several everyday things I just can't do because it hurts too much.

So I finally saw my doctor this morning. She gave me a better splint and suggested naproxen twice daily. I told her that I won't take it as long as I'm breastfeeding. She totally understood and said that my only other option (if I want it to get better) is a corticosteroid shot. She referred me to a hand specialist, so I'll call tomorrow to make that appointment. She also said that, oddly, breastfeeding moms with the condition often see it go away after they wean.

I also talked to her about the fact that intercourse is still painful and that lubrication irritates me (really stings... as does shaving gel, body wash, shampoo, any foreign substance at all). She said that, again, breastfeeding and the subsequent low estrogen levels can cause things to be uncomfortable in that department. She said that she could prescribe an estrogen cream but that she would hate for it to mess with my milk supply. Since I plan on weaning at 12 months, I'm just going to keep suffering for another 3 1/2 months. Not the best news, but it was good to hear that there's nothing wrong with me. She said that I'm obviously more sensitive than most women, but that doesn't mean anything is wrong with me.

Just like last month, I've had PMS symptoms for the past few days, including really bad menstrual cramps yesterday. Still no AF though.

One more thing, I mentioned yesterday that Jack had pretty much outgrown his 9-month sleepers, but I was worried that the 12-month PJs would swallow him. Well, I gave them a shot last night, and I was definitely wrong. Here's a pic of him filling out those PJs.


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