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April 25th, 2013, 05:24 PM
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Your placenta position could definitely cause you to fell less movement! I was told I could expect to feel less because of my placenta position, too. I hope that gave you peace of mind

So glad they gave you the drink! More places should do that. They don't do it where I go, but that's because my appointments are usually an hour long, so basically I go in, drink the drink, have my appointment, then get my bloodwork done.

It's great you have a midwife who is pro natural. They generally are more-so than doctors, though midwives who don't offer home births are also generally more doctorly than what I consider "real" midwives, so it's good you are going to look more into it before getting it

I meant suction cup and thermometer, not suction cup and thermometer. No idea why I said that lol. The floating duck bath thermometer sounds awesome!

I can't believe we are 26 weeks! to me it seems impossibly fast. I mean, there's still at least 10 or so weeks left for me (maybe more this time!) which is almost 3 months, but for some reason that seems like almost nothing! I guess you can call 27 or 28 weeks the 3rd trimester--crazy, huh?

Not much new going on here. We've been going to the dog park every day so I've been getting more exercise, walking like a mile each day, but that's about it.
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