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April 25th, 2013, 06:14 PM
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It's amazing to be moving to appointments every 2 weeks, isn't it?! I am not sure if I look forward to that or dread it lol. Appointment days can be fun but also a hassle. I'm also worried about when I will go into labor--if it will be a "good time", which is nothing I ever worried about in the past.

Yeah, I've been gaining like crazy lately, too, so you aren't alone! It's hard to get exercise when the weather is no good. It's too hot here lately, so I have to go at the right time of day. I know my poor eating is the real problem, though. I'm actually afraid *I* might have gestational diabetes this time with the way I've been gaining weight. I worry about losing weight, too. I'm older now so it might be harder. I want to include hula hooping as part of my exercise plan after baby though and will probably do nutri-system because I did that in the past and it was a great weight loss kick starter for me.

I'm feeling okay lately. Just really tired. Baby keeps kicking my bladder. And I feel a lot of pressure sometimes so I worry about premature labor, but at the same time have a feeling things will be different this time. I try not to think about it too much right now, though. Too busy obsessing over getting the baby what she needs.
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