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April 25th, 2013, 07:58 PM
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I am exclusively pumping for the second time. My first I pumped for 9 months then had enough frozen to quit. With my second child it is much harder. It is so time consuming with pumping and feeding every 3 hours. Not to mention washing the bottles and pump pieces. I feel like I don't get to spend much time with my 4 year old. In between everything I try to do a lot with him. I also bought 2 extra sets of pump pieces so I am not constantly washing. As for being out in public as long as my husband is with me I can be out as long as we want. I take my pump and a lot of places have nursing stations and I go in there and pump. Just about every night I ask myself why am I doing this when I barely get any sleep but I just think breast milk is much better than formula and once my baby gets a little older I can drop a few pumps a day.
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