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April 25th, 2013, 08:30 PM
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Hi Ladies, I have been MIA a few days, but I am back to ask questions...

Background for those who don't know me: I went off Errin (Mini Pill BC Pills) about 5 weeks ago because I can't get them anymore or for right now thanks to insurance and my doctor issues. I had been on it on and off for about a year. Off no longer than 3 weeks two times. Yes, I know that was a stupid thing to do and I don't need insults for it, but its the past so I am moving forward. I have had the talk with my boyfriend who def agrees we want kids when God blesses us with them. I say this because we were both told we may never be able to conceive naturally but we are still NTNP currently and remain hopeful. We own our home, but his parents currently live with us (The house is in my boyfriend's name and he pays the mortgage). We have been dating and living together for a year and 9 months now. We are 27 and almost 30. He works 2 jobs about 50 hours a week and I work a full-time 40 hour a week job.

Anyway, I never got a withdrawal bleed this time around and still 5 weeks later no AF not even cramping! I am bloated, have cravings, pee a lot (but i drink tons of water all day at work and at home at night)...I have taken two tests both FRERs late in the day and one some of you said you saw something, but to me both we BFN. Probably unrelated, but you never know, but I got a sinus infection and clogged tear duct on only the right side of my face and its finally going away after a week. One of the days I also had a random fat lip like an allergic reaction it was weird. I was only given topical antibiotics nothing oral. My Pap was 100% normal in March and I had no Std's of any kind. I also started a new full-time high demand job the week I went off my BC Pills.

Is it normal not to have any bleeding even spotting yet? 5 weeks in of no BC? Could I be prego and have no extreme symptoms and still getting BFN's? Could stress of my new job (though I love it and laugh all day, not really super stressed) be a culprit? What, if anything can I do to get regular again and is there anything I can take, eat, or drink to help my reproductive system?

Sorry it got so long and thank you in advance for your help! Look forward to your responses and chatting with you all
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