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April 25th, 2013, 09:47 PM
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IT definitely interrupts the flow of my week when I have an appointment. We try to schedule it around our other usual stuff, which isn't easy to do! Hence why I worry about labor coming at a bad time this pregnancy. with my first three, we had less regularly scheduled obligations, so anytime was a good time, really. My youngest really came at the best time possible!

I THINK GD can cause excessive weight gain, but I'm not sure. I may be remembering wrong. I hope you don't have that!

Eating "clean" is really the best bet. I would do that if I could count on us keeping good food in the house, but we don't grocery shop often enough so we end up eating junk too much.

I was working on the artwork for their room again tonight. That plus one more wall decal is all I have before *I'm* done with the girls' room, but I still need my husband to paint.

I'm like you. I am almost ready ENOUGH but not ready as I want to be. I want to have so much done that all else I can do is sit around and wait. THEN I'll be thinking about labor.

wow, you with the gas too? ME also!!! It's killing my husband. Tons of those silent but deadly ones lol I dont' sleep well, but I never have because I have injuries that hurt more when I'm laying down. Lately it's been my shoulder. But at times it is my hip, my knees, and my back sometimes too. Nothing helps.

My next midwife appointment is May 1st! That's when I get my GD test.
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