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April 25th, 2013, 10:19 PM
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im so sorry i started crying after reading this post. i had a miscarriage after four years of never getting pregnant thinking i couldnt, a month after the miscarriage i was pregnant with my son and i always thought i wish i could have them both. i remember crying in my now husbands arms saying i want it back i just want it back. no one understood the pain i was going through and i got a lot of rude nasty mean comments and mean comments behind my back, the only support i truly had was my husband. it is very heartbreaking to go through something like that and unless you have gone through it no one understands the big deal about an early loss. after my son was born time really did heal my wounds, i remember that whole pregnancy i worried over EVERYTHING also and again people didnt understand and i was crazy. i still think about that baby from time to time and wonder what life would of been like. but im more at peace with it. i hope you can find some closure. someone gave me some good advice something she had done, she wrote a letter to the baby just saying what she thought the baby would have looked like or what the baby could have been just secret thoughts and she buried the letter and it helped her, i just wrote a poem to baby. maybe something like that could help you through it. im always here to talk if you need to vent.
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