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April 25th, 2013, 10:23 PM
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Hi ladies! I've been on JM since getting my BFP back at the end of september (EDD June 3rd). First pregnancy, unplanned, HUGE surprise. Anyway, I've wanted a natural childbirth since the idea of having kids crossed my mind when I was much younger, but now that it's here...I'm pretty scared. I know I want an unmedicated birth. I know that I want to walk during labor to help with the contractions and I surely do NOT want to be induced unless absolutely necessary. What scares me is the fact that I know NOTHING about labor and delivery. I know facts and medical terminology and all that jazz, but that's nothing compared to experience. I guess my first question is: What did your contractions feel like? The real ones. I think I've been having braxton hicks for weeks and weeks now when I over do it, but nothing painful yet. I've had short back aches, which I guess could be BH, too. I know that they're not "real" until they become regular, but what did your "real" ones feel like?

I'll leave it at that for now and I hope to be coming back to this thread often as it looks like a great place for info and inspiration on top of my DDC.

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