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April 25th, 2013, 10:32 PM
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so i finally started calling around to different doctors to find one that does vbac's due to the fact my doctor refused to run simple lab work and i didnt trust her yaddy ya, ANYWAYS i talked to one of these dr's nurses and here was our convo me "hi, i was wondering if any doctors in the office allow vbac's?" nurse "yes they do but you cant be over twenty weeks" me "well im 22 weeks and the dr i have now i just dont trust her judgment she wouldnt care for me while having awful symptoms and i ended up being hypoglycemic" nurse "who's your ob?" me " dr. yaddy ya so so B face" nurse (in a very confused tone) "she said she would do a vbac for you?" me "yes" (confusion) nurse "well im a triage nurse at the hospital and dr yaddy ya so so B face does NOT have hospital privleges!" me "uhm what? ive been driving almost and hour out to see her because she said she can do a vbac" nurse "call the hospital to make sure but as far as i know she can not use the hospital, let me talk to the dr's in the office and see what i can do for you, im so sorry this is very unfair for you" so i thanked her called both hospitals in that area and both said she does not have privleges there!!!! i am beyond FURIOUS! the nurse called me back later and said the dr's in office are really booked but to send my medical records over there the doctors will look at it and she will push for them to take my case. im just flabergasted i dont know what to think. i went into dr b faces office to get my medical records and i questioned the receptionist saying well i called this one hospital and they said she doesnt have privleges there, and the receptionist said yea she doesnt at that hospital i said oh well i called the other hospital who also said she doesnt have privleges there either! the receptionist says she's in between hospitals and i would have to talk with her about it and hopefully she may have a hospital by the time i deliver. two years ago i know for a fact she delivered at one of these hospitals and my guess would be she got her privleges taken away. what the heck was her game plan when i went into labor?????????
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