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April 25th, 2013, 11:45 PM
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Been away way too long. I've missed posting but my computer was in the crapper and I hate posting from my phone. It cuts off half the screen for some reason but I still checked in and lurked. How is everyone?

We're doing great...that is me and my baby GIRL!!! We are stoked for a baby girl and so is everyone else. We already have a closet full of clothes and I'm sure that's no where near what she'll end up with by the time she gets here. She's kicking away and I can even see and feel the little kicks from the outside or her little head(at last I think thats what that is:) when she shifts in weird positions.

I'm totally soaking up being spoiled No one lets me doing anything(tho a bit annoying at times). No major complaints except sleeping at night is horrid due to hip and back pains and for some reason..TMI..hemrrhoids wasn't expecting that so soon but aside from that I am loving every minute and love watching my belly grow each week.

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