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April 26th, 2013, 05:12 AM
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1. How often are you feeling baby move? Just started really knowing it was baby movements last night.
2. How often do you have to shave your legs? Has it changed since getting pg? When it annoys me or I have to go out and not wear pants which hasn't been at all yet but I know it's coming. Maybe once a week?
3. What did you have for breakfast today? Nothing yet. Breakfast will probably be waffles and some fruit.
4. What's one baby product you MUST have? Oh I NEED NEED NEED the Batman onesie I found & the pirate onesie I found, besides everything else I already found online for baby.
5. What is one thing you MUST have for you? (iPad, designer purses, shoes, ect) Oh, a new phone. Mine has had a broken back light for the last 8 months but I refuse to buy a new phone since I should be switching carriers soon. Let me explain, back light broken as in, the phone doesn't light up and you have to sit there and jam the system by pressing all kinds of buttons til the light turns on. In emergencies this will suck so I definitely need a new one of those.
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