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April 26th, 2013, 05:50 AM
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Wow I don't remember teething being so hard on my first baby (or me!)
Lucy is typically a happy baby, only cries if her needs aren't being met fast enough, but soothes very quickly at the sound of my voice.

Something has come over her. I'm guessing its teething. I woke her up from nap and instead of the usually smiles and squeals, I was give the glare of death! Lol I have never seen her look at me so serious!
Then came the crying. Unconsolable, real tears, crying out like shes in pain, screaming. Nothing would calm her. She wouldn't take a bottle. Where did my happy, easy going baby go? Ahhhh!

Long story short, the past few days (and nights, unfortunately) have been filled with repeats of te unconsolable crying. A low grade fever, and diarea too. I've figured out that if I try to stay ahead of her pain, we can avoid the big meltdowns. Poor girl must be hurting. I've started giving her Motrin at the advice of the Dr, which helps her much better than the Tylenol did. I also use the Hylands homeopathic teething tablets.

I'm hoping we have a method down now to help avoid her getting to the point of no return. And I hope this is a short lived phase!

Anyone else teething yet?

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