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April 26th, 2013, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Mom2RickyRanaJavier View Post
See that's what I'm more worried about is feeding issues. Lungs should be ready at 37 weeks, but feeding and regulating body temp I'm not sure when the average baby has developed those skills. My last was 39 weeks and had a 2 day nicu stay , due to fluid in his lungs, and it was hell and I don't think I could deal with leaving my baby.
From what I was told when we were going through it with DD1, by several drs/pedis/nurses/neonatologists/etc, was that 35-36 weekers are notorious for having the feeding/temp issues/reflux, that it is very very common at that stage (though not all!) 37+ weekers are usually pretty well cooked and ready to go LOL. I will be praying you make it at least to 37 weeks!
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