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April 26th, 2013, 12:42 PM
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That's great that you were able to stay on budget with your washer/dryer, Kalynn. That's a good feeling.

Wow, 220 squats. That's some awesome endurance, Jess!

I was happy on Wednesday at the gym that I am working back up on my deadlifts. I strained my back last month but it's all good now. I just have to remember to maintain good form!

I have spent a few hours outside in the garden. I am almost done digging over the side beds and straightening out some of the front garden. I am getting a load of sheep manure from the farm on Sunday so I want to just be able to run around with the wheelbarrow and dump them on prepped beds.

Theo gets so tired when we are outside. He is napping right now. His second one of the day. I bet he will have another later since I want to go out and do some more digging before evening and he will get tired out again.
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