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April 26th, 2013, 01:01 PM
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I'm so freaking tired of people telling me how bad lil boys are. Everyone talks about how active and all over the place they are. So a very active child is suppose to make me not want one. What am I suppose to do now, magically make baby into a girl. I have wanted this little boy since forever n I don't get why people say things like they trying to talk me out of it. When I say I'm having a boy everyone always go "whew u gone have your hands full" I just wanna say have u met my two year old girl, plus I help raise my lil brother n all he wanted was video games, food, n to play outside. Even my dd2 speech therapist was like "boys r just a lot to handle". I don't get why everyone acts like this. When did having a son become too much. When I was growing up or well in my family were they r way more girls than boys (out of 22 grandkids only 7 are boys). Everyone wanted a boy. Boys were easier n you had less to worry about. Does anyone else get this, boys r bad stuff from people? To the ones who have boys do u feel this way too?

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