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April 26th, 2013, 01:17 PM
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You are most likely experiencing DOR, Diminished Ovarian Reserve but you aren't yet in POF, Premature Ovarian Failure. POF has much lower rates of success and it can't be diagnosed until you've had months of no periods. It is essentially premature menopause. You aren't there yet, but I can't tell you how far away you are either. Some of us get the diagnosis and still have years left before our ovarian reserve completely depletes.

I can tell you how most of us approach this. Once you get a low AMH reading, you sometimes have lots of time and sometimes you don't. Plenty of people don't want to waste time and go straight to IVF. I did. I got my diagnosis in February and was doing IVF in June.

Many of us do not respond well even to high doses of meds. The amount of medications I was on should have produced 25 or more follicles in a regular woman. For me, I got 7 and only 3 made it to the end (and only to day 3).

Plenty of us have to find a doctor that specializes in FSH and AMH to really get the right approach. Don't be shocked if you get the "donor egg speech" soon. It's just part of the game and you'll learn to dismiss it easily.

You are still having periods, at least attempting to ovulate and you are still young. You have tons of positive factors on your side, no matter what google and doctors tell you.

I however want to know they diagnosed PCOS? Usually if you have PCOS your AMH reading is very very high, not low. I'm wondering if you've been misdiagnosed?

I would encourage you to start reading here
New High FSH Support Forum

Who is your RE? I'd be interested in seeing his SART data

I got pregnant naturally and am hoping to do the same or at least do it in a low tech way. I did IVF once, not doing it again. The cost investment isn't enough for us since we don't get frozen embryo's out of it. We'll stay with IUI's and injectables until we just move on to something else one day
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