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April 26th, 2013, 02:29 PM
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Ok so this is going to be a really weird post... you've been WARNED!

So I've always had an overactive imagination ever since I was a little kid. I just imagine things in my head so vividly so playtime was always AWESOME! But now being an adult it can be weird lol I'll be going to bed and turning off lights in the house and I'll imagine seeing a ghost or something (yes I believe in all that kind of stuff ) and will TOTALLY freak myself out where I have to think happy thoughts until I'm safely in my bed! WEIRDO I KNOW! LOL!

Well ever since I've been pregnant it's like my already overactive imagination has been on overdrive! Every time I get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night it's literally the instant I open my eyes I start "seeing" scary demons or aliens coming at my in my head and I get all scared! Like a little kid! Last night I had to think about my baby and want she will look like and anything to keep my mind occupied as I walked in the dark from my room to the bathroom... what is wrong with me like seriously?... Lol I'm tempted to ask my mother, who I'm staying with to visit, if she has any night lights! >_< When I told her she said I could always come sleep in her bed if I get too scared! LOL! Oh I love my momma...

I'm sure I'm the only weirdo going through this but has anyone else had funky pregnant experiences too ?!!

Please be gentle with me... I know how odd this is!!
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