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April 26th, 2013, 03:32 PM
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Hi Urchin (Sorry I dont know your first name),

Thanks for your reply. I will answer your questions as you always seem to be the one who is quick to reply and offer help.

First, About not being able to conceive- I started BC Pills when I was 17 to even get my cycle regulated an thus never started my period for the first time until I was 17 so the dr said it could be tough to conceive back then. I also had anorexia for the next 4 years until I was 20 and it still lingers, but not nearly as bad. I as told that causes shock to your cycle an I never had AF unless on BC during those years as well. Finally my BF had a biking injury and a hockey injury which doctors note he may have trouble getting a girl pregnant so we both kinda don't know either of our abilities.

As for the PAP, yes I asked and they tested me for STDs as well as a regular PAP. All came back negative and healthy!

My concern was never even getting a withdrawal bleed this time. Last night I got a gnarly case of gas, pain in my tummy, and the runs an today its still bothering me no fever though. Prob not related, but throwing it out there.

I was also trying to ask what I feel when I put my fingers inside and feel my cervix cuz i feel bloated in there too but everyone I asked said it sounds abnormal but the dr didn't say much when I got my pap and she was in there saying all looked normal.

Ok enough rambles...and thanks for the advice.
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