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April 26th, 2013, 04:09 PM
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Yes! We actually did end up going there when he turned 6. We worked with Bobbie Gilman and Linda Silverman (though there are others who are great, too). We'd originally had our consultation with someone else, but she retired.

We had the option of testing all day just once or breaking it into two shorter testing days. We broke it up, because he performs best first thing in the morning. He did the WISC on the first day and the WJ on the second day. We went home with stacks and stacks of information, lots of hand-written notes, a couple of books, and a preliminary report of findings. A couple of weeks later, they mailed the final report with recommendations, which we were able to copy and send to his doctors, therapists, and the Davidson Institute.

It was well worth the trip IMO. It was very expensive, yes, but it was just me and my son (my husband conference-called into the meeting after testing, and my younger son stayed with grandparents). Ben and I got to have our own mini-vacation ... zoo, sledding, visiting a couple of friends in the area, etc. It was a very memorable trip, indeed! We learned a lot about who he is and how his brain works, and it really enabled me to better tweak what we're doing at home to customize his education. It also helped my husband realize that homeschooling really is the best answer for Ben.

Hope that helps!

OH!! I mentioned that we did testing when he turned 6 (Dec 2011... tested in Jan 2012). The reason is that the WPPSI is the preschool test, but the ceilings are much lower, there aren't as many subtests, and the test generally isn't as accurate as the WISC. After our phone consultation, they suspected he would hit ceilings on the WPPSI, so they recommended waiting for the WISC, which has a minimum age of 6. (The best age to test is 8-9.) They were right. He maxed out two of the subtests, and because he completely bombed one of the subtests, it further confirmed the report we got from the neurologist suggesting he has Asperger's. We followed up with a behavioral psychologist later and found that he also has ADD... which until then, we hadn't even suspected (and still don't fully agree with). The Asperger's diagnosis answers a lot of our questions about weird behaviors up to that point, so we were thrilled to have an answer. The WJ confirmed his working levels as well, which helped our decision making process for group activities and for curriculum choices. They also recommended, based on both the Asperger's and the WJ scores, that we start now with spelling bee training. Spelling was his highest subtest (which didn't surprise us), but he needs work on "self" to be able to compete in national level spelling bees. On that recommendation, we put him in his first spelling bee this year. He came in 7th for the entire Austin region of homeschoolers. We were proud! The only reason he didn't win was that he got nervous, spelled a word too quickly, and reversed two of the letters in it.

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