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April 26th, 2013, 04:37 PM
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I have always been labeled as "sensitive". I know I am, I am an emotional person but there are certain things that I am called sensitive for and I really feel like I am not being sensitive at all.

My best child hood friend does not have any kids. She wants them, but just does not have them. She knows that I basically bring Drake everywhere with me. Yes, one little reason is because I do not have anyone to watch him since DH works, but honestly, I am not ready to leave him with anyone. I am very attached to him, and the few times that I did have someone watch him while I shower or something like that he was not played with or anything, basically ignored so I said I will not put him into a situation like that again. I will feel more comfortable leaving him with someone when he can pick up the phone and call me. Well, when I was on SI I hung out with her a few times, and I brought Drake. I wanted her to meet him and I feel so at ease when he is with me. Anyways, we were talking the other day and she was telling me about this girl she works with has a daughter who is 8 and she always brings her to work with her. (They are hair dressers) and she watches her Mom cut hair and they hang out all day, and laugh and are just like BFF's. My friend was telling me that when she had kids she does not want them to be attached to her. She wants them to cry it out, she wants them to be independent and she said she would never ever let her child come watch her cut hair. I get it, every person has a view as to how they want to raise there kids, and when they do have kids, they have the right to parent the way they want. Well I said, "I would not mind if Drake wanted to watch me cut hair." She says "Jess, you need to let him go, if I was you I would not want him with me all the time." I did not argue obviously, but in my head I was like "Is this girl serious right now?"

I do not expect every mother to AP or to even want a close bond with there kids but really? I was saying how I do not mind that he is attached, I like that he knows he can count on me and so on and for this I get told I am too sensitive, that kids need to be let go. Um...he is 16

I just think she is crazy for even thinking like this. I don't know. It kinda irritated me. Motherhood makes you look at people different. Even people you were incredibly close with.

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