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April 26th, 2013, 05:40 PM
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Here are my other things to say about all of this.

Ask to retest your Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D deficiency can artificially lower your AMH. Also, taking Vit D can help egg quality and progesterone.

There are a ton of supplements and vitamins, alternative treatments and ways to approach this. Many of us at the Network54 boards swear by supplements to reduce FSH. And hey! What is $30 for a bottle of CoQ10 compared to thousands of dollars in injectables!

Here are all the supplements I currently take
Wheatgrass. This is the biggest one to focus on. I have a juicer and buy my wheatgrass at the asian market to juice. You can get it in pill form.
Royal Jelly
CoQ10, although you want to do 200 mg of this a day and then 200mg of Ubiquinol as well
Fish Oil- large doses of this suppress NK cells, Natural Killer cells which are an immune system issue that can cause miscarriages and impact egg quality
Baby Aspirin (prevents clotting)

Others I don't take yet but you can look into if you want:
red clover
liquorice root
chaste berry (vitex)
DHEA- ask to test your levels before you take this. It can become similar to testosterone in your body and damage eggs if you aren't deficient in this
nettle leaf
black cohosh
milk thistle

Look into castor oil packs

I also encourage you to continue your diet. I was reading that you are Paleo (we are as well about 90% of the time). I had my daughter Ree 7 weeks ago and am in all my old clothes and pants and you wouldn't be able to tell (which makes me really sad and is another story all together about how bittersweet that is). But Paleo is a good place to start to continue maintaining egg quality.

We can't necessarily improve egg quality, but by god we can ensure that we don't continue to do more damage!

I also will tell you that there are so many things to try to reduce FSH, like acupuncture, acupressure, chinese herbs, diet etc. I haven't had my FSH tested since having my daughter and I'm really interested to see next month what it is because I've been juicing wheatgrass daily and on tons of stuff to keep it low. I know lots of women who have reduced it with diet and supplements.

For medications, stay far far away from clomid. If another clinic wants you to do the clomid challenge test, refuse it and tell them why. If they push it, then leave. They aren't the place for FSH ladies. If they specialize in this they'll know to never use it in the first place.

You may want to try Femara at first or Femara with booster injectables. I am going to try this route myself soon.

I also push yoga and fertility meditations. Here is a free place to listen to them nightly
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