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April 26th, 2013, 06:21 PM
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Originally Posted by MommyPenguin4 View Post
Olive oil? I've never heard of that! Please do tell :")

I've definitely had a lot more bizarre dreams and a ton of nightmares since being pregnant but I think that's pretty normal. You have a million things you're thinking about and worrying about now it's bound to effect your dreams! I think the worst one I had was also one of the funniest lol I dreamt that I was one of the two last contestants on The Bachelor... LOL!! My BF was the bachelor and we were as much in love as we are in real life today except I wasn't pregnant. So when I was driving to meet him I was so confident he was going to choose me! But then I was thinking what if he didn't? I would never see him again... he could love the other girl more... and I woke up and was soooooooooo upset >_< I was crying like an idiot to him and he couldn't help but laugh at how silly it was lol dreams are so horrible sometimes!
I know.. my dreams are so vivid sometimes I wish I could turn my brain off!!! About the olive oil.. Have you watched horror movies like amityville horror? (I watched them when I was little, well, family members did and I was in the room) I DONT watch horror movies, ghost stuff, etc.. anyway- you know in amityville horror where he sprinkles oil on the girl? Well, what I do is pray that God would "anoint" the oil and it's used as kind of a "barrier" of sorts to keep evil at bay. If you know about the bible, the Israelites sprinkled lamb's blood over their doorposts and it kept the death angel away. Well, the lamb signified Jesus, the sacrificial lamb. The oil symbolizes the Holy Spirit. Does that clear anything up?
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