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April 26th, 2013, 07:05 PM
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Hey everyone
Well im 7 weeks prego with my 2nd child, i had the implantation pains and the lower back pains and everything ... But today i had this really strange feeling happened
I was lying in bed and i felt like a movement feeling .. I hope that you know what i mean
I mean it was like i can feel that tugging feeling as if the baby is moving around in the womb which is impossible to feel right now its too early! And with every "movement" the area just hardens

I cant remeber if that ever happened to me with my 1st and i asked my friends no one experienced this before

I cant go to the doctor im out of the country

Any one knows whats this? And could being tenssed and stressed out be a factor? B'coz today was a hectic day , running around behind the toddler and above all had a fight with dh
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